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Kibber – UZ
Rawr xD I lov mcr and breaking Benjamin!!! I would die for greard way (: I am a furry and I love mincraft xD i talk back to my parents because I'm a rebel lol I have no friends... I am looking for a waifu taht is furry like me ((: if u don't ship chika and Freddie we can't be frinds. my parent don't understand me kek :3
I have suicide tendincys(LOOK IT UP DONT ASK MEE) im like a grenade lel if u want to watch naruto wit me pls massage me on kik @ animelover666

I I'm polyqueer Demigender slothkin queen respect my pronouns; cat/kat
yes I cut
~when I was a yung boy(genderqueer) my father(who left me) took me into the city~
21 pilots
~the boys and girls in the skeleton click~
Asking Alexander
Yoy dont understand waht im going though its's not a faze mom

God created us al equal! #blessed #god #suicide #alllivesmatter

Lol I lovee pepe he/she is sooo rilatible!!!!! Haters back of and the SHUT teh up BINCH I hate yall(;
Pls notice me senpai pewds :&

Guess wat... I'm going tell u a secret...

Jk Hahahahah trolled lel ;&

Sinse u red this far y dont u follow me.'
Haha I'm love minions they are so cute!! If their are a minion kin out they're that wants to met kik me .) blood on the dance floor saved me
Everyone hates me but i doesn't bit...hard hahahahahahaha get it. Its a joke haha
If u want pictures of my mlp collection just ask (;
No nudes pls I am a Christian mom:) I don't want 2 go to hell and see santa... Lol
Im a proud trump supporter every1 shoud vote 5 him :$

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If I get 1000 subs I will flush my blades

9/11 was an inside job