20 / Male
Roseville – US
Hello! (PLEASE ENJOY MY FAVORITE SONG) (OKAY AND IF UR GONNA ADD ME AS A FRIEND TALK TO ME OR ELSE..PEACE) Anyway I'm Zarr yes I know that is a weird name but I like it. ANYWAY. I'm very shy if I think your cute or I love ur face or something like that I really don't like compliments but I will take them if u really feel the need to compliment me I am a Anime freak I freaking love anime I could watch it everyday while eating pocky and drinking a monster. I really LOVE BATMAN. I'm also into skulls right now like I have 5 rings that have skulls on them I got them from Spencers. I REALLY LIKE MAKING NEW FRIENDS SOOO PLEASEEEEEE ADD ME AS A FRIEND..9/10 ill probably be to shy to say hello just a heads up. Anywayy I like red and black. I really like dancing like that sexy close dancing so if ur a guy your lucky because I like dudes and f***ing f*** yea. No I don't want your nudes but if ur gonna take nudes be a boss at it. My future life will be becoming a Drag Queen. I really don't like being scared but my dumbass goes to haunted houses and scarefest and s*** like that WHY? I Don't know. I like scaring people I just don't like when I get scared you get it? GREAT. I like Supernatural OMG SAM YES <3. Well idk what else to say anyway DONT FORGET TO SMILESSS...blah blah blah Peaceskies<3

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Still at this party to many people...keep asking mee to dancee and they are gonna put it on le youtubes..nope

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Fallen.Angeloid asked

You seem pretty awesome. Wanna talk somtime to see if we can be friends?
Of course (^▽^)