23 / Female / Bisexual / Single and Looking
Tyler, TEXAS ;3 – US
hey every1 :333 my name is Marcy :33 and im knew to scenekids! i love kawaii stuff (its my best friend =PPP) and hot GUYS :pp (and girls :333333) I LOVE MY PET CAT midnight :)) its so cute :33333 also i LUV being randum :PPPPPPPPP i like to go to the mall WITH MY FRIENDZ ;p TO GO AND TROLL people who are mean :3 i want to meet people who are scene like me :3 I LOVE SWEDEN one of my friends is from SWEDEN his name is PATTY HIETANEM LOL (shoutout :PPPPPPP) PLEASE message me if you want to talk <3333 :) :33