22 / Female / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
georgia – US
^_^ if u think im fake then get off my profile im REAL IF U DONT BELIEVE THT THEN F*** OFF baii

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if YOU'RE NOT SCARED PUT THIS AS YOUR STATUS: If I was sitting next to you on a couch what would you do to me 1. Have a poke war 2. Slap me 3. Wrap arm around me 4. Hug me 5. Kiss my cheek 6. Cuddle 7. Make-out session 8. Rape meh 9. Kidnap me 10. Beat the s*** out of me for no reason 11. Watch a movie with me 12.Have a tea party with me PUT THIS AS YOUR STATUS AND SEE WHAT PEOPLE WOULD DO TO YOU!!

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thanks :D