25 / Female / Pansexual / Recently Single
Lovell, Wyoming – US
first off, my name is Bobbie (its a unisex name, dont be a sexiest narcissist and grow up) but you can call me Ocean.

I'm not a perfect person, I make lots of mistakes but still respect and love those people
people who stay with me after knowing how real I am...
I am a dream smoker,

Yes I'm a plus sized, that don't mean I'm unlovable, Just a Sick individual with more issues then playboy if your interested HMU! if i feel we don't have a connection or ever will be ill ignore you and block you.
I'm a gamer, love me some Resident evil, Dead space, Dead Island, Silent Hill, Alice, Minecraft, i also love Anime and love Manga, but who don't? Othello Syndrome is a major pain in the ass and probably is the reason i cant keep a relationship for more then a month, So yeah that's basically it about me, so message me and let's see if we connect

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who's going to 2020 with me?