23 / Male / Straight / Single and Looking
loves music TheVampsterGirl25
Tulsa Oklahoma – US
My name is Micah 19, don't really like doing bios so just hmu instead I don't bite very hard;3, I'm not really on here all that much anymore so sorry if I don't reply,

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Thinking about deleting, this site is practically dead now

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viniger asked

Put your shirt back on.
First off I hate shirts, secondly if you don't like me not having a shirt on then get the f*** off my profile cuz this is me whether you like it or not

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Supppp, Thanks for the friendship, how are you? You should add me on Facebook and follow me on twitter and instagram if you have them... Always good too meet new people! www.twitter.com/jamiejaysheehan www.facebook.com/im.jamie.jay www.instagram.com/itsjamiejay www.itsjamiejay.com Xx