16 / Female / Pansexual / Single
Little kitten friend William
Antwerp Ohio – US
Hai I'm Alex.

I'm a shy, "adorable" weirdo, I'm pretty silly.

I like to sometimes act like a little and being treated like a little.

I honestly date ages 15-25 if they're personality is amazing because age is just a number there to hold us back from what we want.

I've been emotionally, mentally, sexually and physically abused by past ex boyfriends and girlfriends.

I'm 15, 5'5 1/2, if your taller yays lol.

I have 9 piercings including my ears(my ears are gaged to a 4g) I love piercings I did all but two of them(two on my right side of my lip).

I only like want and need a serious relationship, I want to be that cute alternative couple that takes cute pictures and makes videos together. I want to be that cute couple that gos to the mall and grabs everyone's attention.

Dear Next One,
I'll want to check your phone not because you f***ed up but because the ones before you did. If you don't like clingy then leave, if you don't like giving attention then leave, if you don't like being mine and only mine then leave if you don't like spending a lot of time together then leave, if you can't stand my insecurity then leave.
I will dress up like a model for you, I will cook for you, I will go everywhere with you I will do what I can to show you that I'm yours and only yours I don't expect to be shared nor do I wanna be shared, I will lay in sweats and eat pizza with you all day I'll do anything with you.

I'm pansexual and gender fluid please nu hate.

Favorite movies~
Suicide Room
Nightmare Before Christmas
All Tim Burton movies
Alice in Wonderland

Favorite bands~
Motionless In White
Falling In Revues
Escape The Fate
Black Veil Brides
Panic At The Disco
Never Shout Never
Green Day
And many more.

I love cute messages its hard to please me, I love candy from around the world, accents are mmf to me.

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Dear next one, I like ask to see your phone not because you f***ed up but because the sones before you f***ed up, if you dont like clingy then leave if you cant deal with my insecurity then leave. I dress like a model for you, I'll do anything you please.