16 / Female / Pansexual / Single
West Unity, Ohio – US
Hai I'm Alex, I'm 5"5 1/2.
I'm shy but message me anyways. I need a silly, funny cutie thats taller thats clingy that's near my area to be my boo bear 💝. I'm into kitten play meow.If we ever go on a date and you want it to be perfect, List: Monsters, candy, cuddles, kisses, hand holding, pictures, music, silly audited, good foodThats how I'd describe a perfect date.I love Video games,music,food,YouTube,raves.
I like to Dance,Sing,play Video games.
I love Anime and pikachu
I love cuddles and kisses.
Cuddle ans kiss me =^.^= .
I can be akward.
Im from Northwest Ohio, anyone near me wanna hang out ?

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Hah I'm back again funny how I dissapre and come back