19 / Female / Narcissist / Forever Alone
Los Angeles – US
hey bitches xDD lol
my name is maddie massacre and i love youzz!! ;3 ive been a scenester 4 like evaaarrrr!! my favorite store is hot topic duhh and i like guys with tats and lots of piercinss my fav color is black and lime green haha if you dont like botdf then u can suck my dik lol haterz!!1 im thinkin of making a youtube to show every1 all my screamo covers wit my band. i m always open 2 talk like if u need me to talk ill like stay up 4 u and i like give good advice on like stuffs heheehe <33
later sexxiii bitchez. ;3 <3333 ;P
oh btw i love youzzzzzzz!!!! add me. :*

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just made new kandi 4 my bffl! can't wait 2 rave this weekend loll

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