20 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
Perth – AU
Hai c: I'm Cynthia
I'm new here c: Feel free to message me anytime, I'm always up for a good chat :3 and you know add me ^-^

Things about me..well...hmm...i an be both nice and mean, if you p*** me off, I'll kill you but if you're nice to me i will be nice to you c:
I love BVB, BMTH, Asking Alexandria and yeah you get the idea =w=
I love guys with piercings *o*
I like anime, I draw it too XD
My best friend on here is NikaBubz, add her, she's sweet as anything ( and wants a bf ;) ) uhmmm... I will reply to all messages and comments. If we talk, please keep talking and don't just dissapear :c well uhm thats it I guess I love you all c: bye xx <3

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someone love meeee

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Cynthia thank you for adding me! I didn't have much to say since your profile is empty so I will take the opportunity to thank you for add me into your friends. Seriously! Bottom of the heart love! Thank you thank you! Much love! Fill out that profile one of these days! <3


thanks for accepting c: you look so cute ahaha x3