21 / Female / Bisexual / In Love
Arkansas.. – US
Okay. Hai, I'm Kitty. I am like bisexual. ♥ Bleh I love all types of music I guess you can say that. I'm very random at times. Like out of no where I might say. "Holy s*** did you see that big ass beefy taco?" No okay that's cool to bro. So like I am also a bitch at times but that doesn't matter right? right!? Okay you got the point. If you really don't like my randomness then well f*** you! t(-.-t) Yeah I flipped you off so what? Are you going to torch my ass? Didn't think so dips***. ☺☻♥ RANDOM FACES. Okay to like sum this up I am going to end this s*** with a f*** you and have a nice day.. *waves goodbye to you slutbutts* Also I love my husband Andi ♥

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xSKshawnx20. you omf ;-; I don't know you but like it says you messaged me but there was no messages...