21 / Non-binary / Narcissist / Forever Alone
Oradea – RO
first of all, my pronouns are it/its lol enjoi HI XD :P i hope mcrx means a reuniun lol rawr botdf saved me XD but im still suicidal haha!!! im a quirky panda and i love bulimia :) mesage me picz of vomit or some1 puking its trigerring but in a good way lol XD my real triggers are preps, jocks, cunformity, rainbows (but i love gays) , and pretty much anything that doesnt have to do with Death or kittens LOL XD THIS IS NOT A PHASE MOM RAWR IM A KITTEN DONT BULLY ME OR I'LL ACTUALLY KILL MY SELF i have soooo many dark thoughts "shaking hands with the dark parts of my thoughts" XD im not interested in people who arent pyscho but u have 2 b cute lol XD

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