19 / Female / Straight / Single
My name ish Casee. Im 14. I live in NJ! I love Pandas! Hmmmm I go to 3 sites! Its Dsihaven.wapka.mobi 3Dsflare.wapka.mobi and Scenekids.com! Hmmmm add me, hmu, talk to me, idgaf what you do as long as you dont get rude or bad or mean ill stay in my good side if not ill youll see my bad side... and trust me you dont wanna see me bad side!..... Ermmm idk if im looking for a boyfriend because guys like to use me for sex..... that just shows how desperate they are..... assholes -.- .......... lol im shy but once you get to know me im okaii i guess ^_^ Im flirty at times so beware... I also like having some fun... hmmm yeahhh
Turn on: tight hugs, neck kissing, kissing, huggin, sexy words, and bad boys
Turns off: Guys that are f***ing showoffs and jerks and that dint know how to love a girl cx

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I just had sexxxxxx and it felt soooo goood cx (guys get ya head outta tha gutta its a f***in song bishes!) ;)

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