19 / Female / Bisexual / Forever Alone
Candyland x3 – US
Im Kaya but, call me Minji..
I like all kinds of music...I listen too BVB, BOTDF, SWS,Pierce The Veil etc. I also like Korean Pop music x3 like BIGBANG, SHINee, B.A.P
I like Visual Kei x3 TheGazettE, L.M.C, Gackt x)
I'm learning Korean so if you guys could help me out that'll be great!
My dream is to live in Korea!
Im a friendly person so dont be afraid to stop by and say BANANAS
I have low self esteem and I don't think im pretty but, that's not important! PLUR! I have an eating disorder but, I really don't pay attention to it...Just One Important Thing: Im not gonna take your bulls***...an eye for an eye >:C Read my stories on Wattpad:KawaiiKayaChan
I love anime and cosplaying. The profile pic is me cosplaying as Grell Sutcliff...not the full makeup though
That's about it really, any questions? I love answering questions (No seriously! I lub it so mush) so ask me whatever you want!
I'm Forever Alone (as you can tell from up there) and I guess im not that interesting 'cause nobody likes me so yeah. But, all you can do is shove earbuds into your ear, blast your music, and shut the world out!
Where is this bio going anyway e.e Well, I guess im finished! W-wait! You want me to stay ^o^/ Well I love you too! Annyeong!

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I'm a f*** up...

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