23 / Female / Bisexual / Single
talking 2 the awesomest person eva andysix11
Nashville, TN – US
If yu add me or send me a request and I accept then know that im a very nice person IF u are nice 2 me . I do have 5 piercings. No tattoos. I dye my hair different colors every month. I usually reply to comments. I do reply to messages IF there not to disturbing or awkward. I am the type of person to take bad ass risks and dares. Yes, I am Bi and if yu wanna judge me then yu might wanna watch ur ass because I will get my revenge quickly. I will call yu out if yu mess with me and probably do other s*** (not saying yu will just have to find out). I am mean sometimes and I do dislike SOME ppl bc there ass holes. Not saying it could be yu because I DONT judge first thing. I love BOTDF, and Black Viel Brides. I like to see ppls personality first. If u flirt wiff me I will flirt wiff u back. I have a nice personality more than I have a mean one. Its up to yu if ur my Friend or Enemy.

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Im like dieing of boredom. Message me?

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re22za asked

how is it to be really cute?
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Well its sometimes frustrating bc ppl hit on me all the time. Otherwise its good o_o-

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XD nothing nothing i was being preverted again.


>.> are you thinking what i am thinking?


I feel your pain every girl i dated i got dumped for another guy and i was left alone there i am very emotional and i have family, social, and relationship issues. plus i would be happy to get a caring and loving girl friend one day.


I love anime so much i watch it a lot but i don't watch it when i am very depressed cause i always get hurt in relationships.


Thanks for accepting me, I'm Hope. It's very nice to meet you, feel free to follow me.. twitter.com/Hopetasticallov & Add me on Facebook.. www.facebook.com/Hopetastical & tumblr ihopetastical.tumblr.com/so..How are you doing?