23 / Male / Bisexual / In a Relationship
we is panda buddies Cx shay.demon.kittyxx
Peabody, MA – US
Ello there.
Status:Single & Looking
Orientation: Bisexual (I dig both)
My wife: allie.axe.princess
Also I listen to mostly anything, so recommend anything you like <3
I'm Portuguese!! (Ola, meu amor c;)
Oh, and follow suicidio-era-uma-boa-ideia.tumblr.com

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She let go of my hand, and falling away into the darkness and I know Hell's here to stay. I'm face down in the ground, I feel ruined and worthless, kiss me good-bye, All I clutch to suicide. I spiral into grief, it's hard for me to sleep. And all that reaps says "Life is brief". Yes, that is true and I can't disagree. I'm giving up on life now, and from the building I shall leap.

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heathergoesrawr asked

Why thank you, love.

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thank you baby I love you soo much


babyy I miss you soo much and I love you with all my heart!!<3


ily bestie.. haha