23 / Female
luv urselff.<33 ur special,,,trussttt.(:

amy. 15. bisexual. self harrmm):. atheist. hello kitty, botdf, bvb, ptv, sws, btf, and bmth are lifee<3
NOT 18 obviously (; just misunderstood girl who gets a little lonely sometimes. :3
im scene goth AND emo but mostly scene lol. :p
hmu if u wanna talk. im nice dw(:
luvs: metal like the bands i listed above. boys with flippy dyed hair.piercings, tattoos. ^.^
hates: ...life): razor blades..but i cant stay away. when ppl say "it's just a phase." um NO. (ita lifestyle xD) also hate jb, 1d, whatever else mainstream pop bands.
rap and modern pop have no meaning.
if u wanna fight fuk off!!! xD xD xD
im getting gauges soon. size 4 :o :o :o :o
lol anyway hmu. ilu all.
<3 haters(:

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help im becoming emo now i think

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XxBlAcKsOuLgIrLxX asked

Are you lame
arent all us emos??? #emopride

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