19 / Female / Straight / Broken Hearted
is kawaii with AmazingPhil
underneath your bed :) – AF
HI THERE!!! my name is claudia but you can call me claude crimson!! im 14 years young but im really mature :/ i love 50 shades of gray >.<!!

im bubbly and my favourite colour is RAINBOW o3o

i love video games like pokemon, sonic, cooking mama etc. my favourite pokemon is pikachu :3 and i only like the original 150. the rest are just posers and preps.

i ship sonic and tails and larry stylinson lol!!! but dont tell anyone bc im a secret 1D fan ;))

i love death note and black butler i wanna go out with nate river LOL!!!

lez be friends??

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i must be such an inconvienience 2 u im just ur problem :/