23 / Male / Gay / Engaged
I am Joseph. I was on EF but some people told me to come here because EF has become saddened. It's not good anymore. How bloody dare they take away my friends!!!! Well, I am 17 going to be 18 soon. I live in Texas, yeah a great place for a gay teen to live. My favorite colors are baby blue, red, black and white. I am taken by my Nathaneil :) We've been together since August 15, 2012 :) I love you so much baby and you're the best boyfriend I have ever had. :) I'm in love with you. Well, I am not Scene or emo clearly, but they make the best friends :) Well, I love Lady Gaga, Blood on the Dance Floor, Jeffree Star, BVB, and Breathe Carolina, plus more. :) I'm a mixture except country. I don't like that anymore. Well, I hope to see people and make friends. I am BornGaga, sending off!!!!!

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Maybe, I should get on more often. :)