23 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
Somewhere :P – US
Hey guyz :P Im Ashley, but u can also call me Fizzy, Skittlez, Punchy, or Sonic xD

Umm im 17, and yes, im single and looking but it really should say "forever alone" cuz yeahhhh...im lonely most of the time :/ guyz arent all that interested in me, mostly cuz im weird and shiz but im hoping that ill miraculously find a guy on here who doesnt care and is weird himself :P Im straight, but if ur a girl, transgender, etc, and i reallyyyyyyy like you, i might consider it :P (hasnt happened yet but i am a bit open-minded so yeah xD)

I tend to be a bit shy at first, well with guys anyway, but i open up eventually. Then you'll discover how weird and wacky and messed up i am XD

Ummmmm im into a bunch of different stuffz really...im a gamer (i play anything really, anything i find fun/interesting, but i do NOT like COD xP) ...and im also kinda a nerd (and proud of it xD)

Music's my life. Aside from metal, hardcore, alternative rock, etc., i actually love to listen to other stuff too like electronic, japanese music (from like animes and stuff) and some pop. And im sorry, but I LOVE MAROON 5. I grew up listening to them and Adam Levine's fking sexy okay? >.<

Favorite bands? Maroon 5, Three Days Grace, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, 3 Doors Down, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Green Day, Nirvana, Escape the Fate, Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Linkin Park, & Breaking Benjamin to name a few :3 (heh, a few...)

I love anime and manga, and well, just everything Japan really XD my fav food is sushi :3

Ermmm...im a soda addict :P and monster energy drink addict XD (that stuff is the shiz)

Fav color? Black...and orange :3 i also like dark red and lime green, oooh and lavender...dats a pretty color x)

I love to write, (short stories and poetry) but i havent written anything in like months cuz yeahhh...havent been feeling up to it :/

I like to draw stuff from time to time :P my fav kind of artsy thing tho is PAINT. Painting is fun yo :3

Marvel over DC any day >:) but i LOVE the Joker from Batman. And the Flash. My fav Marvel character is probably Deadpool, he's AWESOME :D

Just to put it out there, I have a thing for fictional characters...like i have legit crushes/obsessions for fictional characters XD (im weird like that :P)

OK that's all i could come up with...if u wanna know anything else just ask :P

I'll talk to anyone :P Except yknow, pervs and douchebags and ppl of that nature xD and i prefer non-dirty chats, sowwy :3 i mean idk how most ppl these days just talk about that kinda stuff so openly like its nothing xP It just makes me feel uncomfortable, so i hope you can pwease respect dat. BUT im not gonna lie, i do have a dirty mind and make dirty jokes sometimes but we'd have to be really awesome friends first til i can talk like dat with you so yeahhhh :P So anywayyyz hmu. I has a kik, facetime, and skype, just ask if u want it.

That's it I guess x) Over and out.

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Boredddd >.<