17 / Male / Gay / In Love
las vegas – US
you come swimming into view..

I may be a great gambler but i can’t win.i roll six when i need seven.i’m good. but no where near great.

I need to get away from the snow..it’s pretty but i need some heat.it’s not coming soon.

the sun’s gone down in my eyes.i’ve never been so alone,and i’ve never been so alive.

magazine covers are ruining my face.i draw all over them.i knowiknowiknow i know i know i know i can’t keep it all…together.

i’d like to believe my horoscope but it’s laughing.when i came to visit you, that’s when i knew. that i could never have you.

living my life a thousand times faster than normal.i’m missing home or am i missing you.or am i missing me.

i can slow down. i just need to stay up all night.

i sleep in a coffin 7 days a week.i don’t dream i don’t don’t dont.

back in vampire sleep,that makes it worse.i’m on a train but there’s no one at the helm.

she’s got her jaws now,locked down in a smile.but nothing is all right.

all right?

If i can keep from losing it now.

don’t lose it now

i don’t think highly of myself.but when you hear you’re a god it gives you quite an image to live up to.

and i tell them i’m not.maybe i never will.

and the god of wine is crouched down in my room.

i want to believe in the faith that grows but i’m having a pretty hard time.

the achohol it permeates.and soon the cells give way, and cancel out the day.

but.somehow i still try to believe that

I’m the one for you cause I know all the dirty things you’d like to do

I’m the fear in your eyes I’m the fire in your flies

I’m the sound that’s buzzing around your head

every creative writer worth our consideration…is a victim: of man given over to an obsession.

quoting graham greene.

and you are guiltless and free.

And I’m hanging on your words,Like I always used to do

The words they use so lightly,

I only feel for you.

I only know because I carry you around In the background

I’m way, im way way way way way way way i’m away i’m way away in the background.

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