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Myownhell – US
Actually I have been using a picture of someone who is not me on this site - I don't have blue hair and do not look at all like the photos I have posted . My aunt is posting this right now because I can't seem to stop putting pictures on different profiles I make up that are not even close to looking like me and my aunt ( me ! ) thinks it's wrong to steal someone's photos and use them as mine .

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You are my senpai
My only senpai
You give me dokis
And shades of grey
You'll never notice me
But I'll still love you
You're sugoi, kawaii desu ne

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Jstar99 asked

what is your favorite anime and why?
Favourite anime would have to be naruto becuase ever since it started I wanted to marry Sasuke

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Happy birthday (':


You do realize you're using pictures of LeFabulouskilljoy from instagram that doesn't have an account on here, because they listed accounts that they had. Correct?