21 / Female / Pansexual / In a Relationship
Guelph – CA
I'm not really the best at filling out profiles, but my name is Nora Alexia, I'm seventeen years old, I'm a sagicorn (sagittarious+Capricorn) I like art, music, I'll listen to anything except country, I don't really like rap or pop though I'll listen to it. really like cats, my favourite colours are black, purple, dark red, if you wanted to know,. I kind of have my own style.. I smoke, and I an 420 friendly, if your an asshole don't bother talking to me, as I'm just going to tell you off, but if you would like to more about me in more detail don't be afraid to message me, I love meeting new people. I have noticed lately an increase In friend requests from narsisists.. I just want to say to you all do not f***ing add me, do not message me. Ever.

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It's so lonely here....