23 / Female / Single and Not Looking
killing little thots viciously with CaseyTouchesButts
That Place – US
Generally--unless I have a bad feeling about it--I'll accept any request but I'm a bit slow to actually send one. I tend to think a bit more like an old person--minus the apparent racism and homophobia--and I really don't go for 'sexual' talk that much, as a warning.

From my profile pic you can probably guess I like wolves. If you want to know what I actually look like be free to look in my pics. (They're not good pics but they're there.)

I enjoy writing and RP though I'm not that talented in the art of simple conversation. Decari is the name of an OC in a story I'm writing btw. I didn't feel comfortable using my real wolf name here and definitely not my legal name.

I know a thing or two about therians and would consider myself one though I don't want to split any hairs by saying I am.

I like anime but I'm not sure if I would be considered an otaku.

My favorite kind of dog is the pug.

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It's not like I haven't been on for, like, two months or anything. That would be awkward if I actually interacted directly with people.

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