18 / Non-binary / Pansexual / In a Relationship
my aesthetic (: <3 :p gng.xo
Sedalia – US
About Me:
I'm shy at first usually, generally a nice person.
I have depression, anxiety.
I love to meet new people that are non judgmental about how i look or how i dress. I was suicidal and i just always try to stay positive and not think of those things. Also a pretty funny person/Joking person

Country,Rap/Hip-hop basically any thing but rock or a sub genre of rock.
-Playing Video Games (Mainly PC)
-Playing Guitar
-Helping People
-Listening to Music
-Chilln in general
-Reading sometimes
-Long walks on the beach(^^^^That one was sarcasm XD)
Favorite Bands:

-Pierce the Veil
-Bring me the horizon
-Sleeping with sirens
-Medusa Scream
-Blood on the Dance Floor(If you don't like some of the bands i listen to then leave it at that no un-needed hate)
-Such a Beautiful day
-Black Veil Brides
-With Broken Wings
-A Cutthroat Kiss
-From First To Last
And so much more...
Favorite Songs:
-A Beautiful Tragedy
-Пока Есть Время
-Хотел Остаться
-Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed
-Dive In
-Рядом с солнцем
-Rise and Shine
-I'm a Monster
-They Don't Need to Understand
-We Are The Strays
-Kissing in Cars
and more still...
Fav Colors:
-Red and Black
Favorite Movies:
-Friday the 13th
-Children of the corn 1-8
-The Purge all 3
-Suicide Room
-Nightmare On Elm Street
-Saw 1-Final
and probably a few more I can't think of at the moment.
Favorite Books:
-The Hunger Games
-Fire Starter
-Favorite Games:
-League of Legends
-Call of Duty
-Arma 2 and 3
-DarkSouls1 and 3
-And all the Fallouts(Ya...I'm kindof a nerdXD)
Favorite Foods:
Any thing vegan friendly
P.S. If you wanna know more about me or want to chat just add or message me. cx

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