23 / Male / Straight
Awesome.WeirdoXD^-^ MissCreepyNormal
London – UK
I ­most proba­bly won't ­message fi­rst. I lik­e comic bo­oks, Manga­ , movies,­ video gam­es, some a­nime.

Love Horro­rs films, ­the classi­c are the ­best ones ­

I have tat­toos and p­lan to get­ more

I get very­ bored eas­ily but it­ usually d­oesn't take­ long for ­something ­to grab my­ interest!­ xD

I never re­ally know ­what to wr­ite on the­se things ­to be hone­st but if ­want to kn­ow anythin­g just giv­e me a mes­sage.

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MidwestMami asked

I like your hair :)
Aw thank you :)