17 / Female / Straight / Single
kent – UK
yeah, i'm pretty arkward!!! Ehm i have no idea what to put here, I don't consider myself to be "scene", but a lot of people have commented on me being, "emo/ scene or alternative ect.", but i've never really thought about i'm just going to go ahead and say, i have light anxiety (and depression) so at school i don't really get involved with the kids at school (there aren't many) i have a few, but i'd like to know a few more kids who can relate to what i'm going through :).

i'm very into music i'm in a band, i play the guitar and sing. i love a hell of a lot of bands like panic at the disco, foo fighters, pierce the veil, bring me the horion, sleeping with sirens, my chemical romance, nirvana, the 1975 ect.

i read a lot, i love harry potter, photograph and yeah a lot of other stuff that i can't think of at the top of my head right now.