16 / Female / Forever Alone
Tennessee – US
こんにちは、みんな Hi Guys! It's Wërdïö , zhe admin. . Alright I'll tell you about myself. I'm VERY random...SPARKLY CHEZ. Ahem... anywhore I'm also very sarcastic, witty and a little bit dark at time...hehe. I aslo love Yandere​​​ very much! Like srsly I'm yandere about Yandere. My zodiac sign is Cancer!! ​ ​I'm extremely short! ​ ​ 4'11 to be exact. My favorite bands would have to be Get scared, ​ Breaking Benjamin, ​ Three Days Grace, ​Incubus, ​​Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, ​Maroon 5 ​, Skillet, 311, Set It Off And so on so forth. ​ ​My favorite DJs are Rudimental, Disclosure, Calvin Harris, ​Deadmau5, ​Skrillex. I LOVE You All!!!