16 / Female / Lesbian / In Love
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Cali – US
Sooo my name is Ariel-Rowen, but i go by Rowen or Row, or dyke. I'm 15, soon to be 16. I live in Cali.

I like being artistic, Im interested in tattooing. I'm strong in the belief of expression, and opinion. I'm random, unfortunately and occasionally I have the urge to have an intellectual conversation.

I'm gay and not shy about it. I'll hit on you no matter you orientation, but just because I compliment you doesn't mean I "want" you. Im really flirty so if you wanna message me go on and do it.

I believe...
•That words only have the power you choose to give them•
•That problems in your life isn't an excuse to cause problems in mine•
•And if you don't like me or have a problem with me SAY IT, because at least then you aren't being a spineless cuck and than I'll respect you despite your dislike towards me•
•Emotions are created by the mind, and can be changed•
•Religion is only a belief in something greater then us because we can't be satifyied in the knowledge that something JUST HAPPENED•

Over time I've learned....
•People come and go out of your life•
•You have to be able to hold and release all the time•
•Being alone isn't so bad•
•If you love yourself others will love you•
•Attachments aren't healthy•

I just want to love hard and hold her tight.
I just want them at my side until I've played my part in their life, than I wish them all the best of luck and smile as they walk away.

Be happy, no one is worth you losing your happiness for <3

O.k.jessiahh is the Loml (my best friend IRL)

S***s tough...you know?

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Someone can message me đź‘Ť

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Anonymous asked

Thats good, thats good. What you gonna do for new years
Go to work, make money and f*** my girl cx lol

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Thanks for the friend fellow human.