24 / Male / Gay / In a Relationship
RP Account – UK
Hello, my name is Wade or Adrian.
I'm a very simple person, and yet a bit difficult to understand. c: I'm friendly to the ones who are friendly to me. But there are certain things that can set me off. Basically using "gay" for it's incorrect term angers me. 3: Saying "That's gay" It comes along rude. ;n; Eh, I dunno. I have a Miley Cyrus addiction. ;o Huehueh, I don't care what you think. But if you dislike her, just keep your insults to yourself and out of my notice, I will defend her. o3o

Okay, I'm moving with nonsense. But I do listen to bands, but I am not a huge fan of any of them in particular. Yes, I listen to;
*Asking Alexandria.
*Black Veil Brides
*Pierce The Veil
*Sleeping With Sirens
*A Day To Remember
*Fall Out Boy
*Three Days Grace
*My Chemical Romance
*Woe Is Me
*Attack Attack
*Sick Puppies

I dislike the bands;
*Escape The Fate
*Blood On The Dance Floor (More like Person, *cough* Dahvie. *cough* He needs voice lessons. *cough*)
*Falling In Reverse.

^_^ I love my boyfriend, Jacen. He's my heart life and soul. <3 c:

Feel free to friend me,ask,comment.

I don't care who you are, I won't judge your appearance or sexuality, or whatever. ^_o

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Have a wonderful new year! ♥