19 / Female / Asexual / Single and Not Looking
Constantly lost – US
Hey welcome to my sparkly new page! My name is Angel and I lean more towards punk(i think) than scene rn but I don't really care for lables.
I like a s*** ton of different bands, but some that come to mind rn is BMTH, SWS, Nirvana, Halsey, Motionless in White, Nine Inch Nails, and almost any cheesy song writer from the 90's-ish (I'll scream along to any Journey song or the like that comes on anywhere. Come scream with me XD)
I love reading and HP will always be my first and formost fandom. I'm up to talk about any fandoms/ships/trash with anyone so come bug me ≧ω≦
I will probably be more active on my tumblr, check out my obsessions if ya want at raveneverheart.tumblr.com

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Om g ur hawt marry me rawr X3