22 / Male / Straight / Single and Looking
unicorn littlecookiemonster666
Dubois pa – US
Hi, my name is Mac c:
Find me on Facebook please!
I'm turning 17 soon!
I'm really wanting to make distant friendships. If you don't like me get the f*** outa here.
I really would love to find my self a loving woman who wants to spend time with me and love me for who I am. I don't ask for much. Just a hand to hold would be really appreciative. A loving person to be with me.
If you read all of this thank you so much for taking the time c:

I love all kinds of music it doesn't matter throw anything at me :D

Yes I love vodka and monster but I'm not a satinist I'm completely atheist.xD

(If you don't like it, it's not a habit. It's more of a once a week thing) mainly cigars

I like to be close to people and I'm very touchy. I feel bad if I'm to much but please tell me if I'm to much.

I can't be in a really long distant relation ship. I crave touching o.o.

I'm really nice till you get on my bad side. Give me space when I need it.

Thank you I love you all !!! X3