16 / Female / Bisexual / In a Relationship
!! First off, before anything below, do NOT add me if you're not even going to bother talking to me. !!
~ Thank you. ~

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Uhh.. Hi.. T~T I'm a bit of an awkward turtle. Quite shy at first, but I'll come around. c: (Honestly more random and outgoing online, but. Eh.)
I won't try forcing myself into the scene/emo community, since I don't consider myself one. Mainly here to just chill and make friends, I guess..

About meee.. hmmm.. Well, I know I have an extreme foul mouth, so I tend to cuss.. a lot.. Butwhatever. Along with that, I am a tomboy.. like.. I feel like I act more like a guy than a girl sometimes. >.> But, ye.
I am a gamer.. kind of. Into MMORPGs. However, I am not playing any games as of this moment, since I am trying to take a break from gaming.
I am a digital artist, thought I wouldn't consider myself very good. I can only draw canines (mainly Wolves), and still learning how to draw anime (humans).
Many may judge me for this, but I skateboard. But you know what, I do not care if you are judging me or not, I enjoy and I love it.

Annddd.. I'm really f***ing into anime. Like, a lot. I have about 56 animes on my To-Watch List. Currently, my favorites are:
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Noragami
- Parasyte
- Fairy Tail
I don't think you'd like me to post my entire f***ing list here, do you? Thought so, but ye. Uh.

I listen to a lot of music, but I mainly like rock. I listen to..
- Sleeping with Sirens [My Favorite! <3]
- Panic at the Disco
- Fallout Boy
- Skillet
- Dead by April
- Thousand Foot Krutch
- Silverstein
- Starset
- Against the Current
- Two Steps from Hell
- Imagine Dragons
- Paradise Fears
- Tristam and Braken
- The Neighborhood
- Evanscence
- Three Days Grace
- Pierce the Veil
- Black Veil Bride [Sort of..]
- Bring Me the Horizon
- Escape the Fate
- Hollywood Undead
- My Darkest Days

If you want to talk or some s***, go a head. xD

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Going to be deleting this account soon. Don't know when, but most likely after a haircut and s***.

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KillerJoker asked

Can I be your friend
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Uh, bit complicated. Sure, if you want to be on my friends list. But if you meant friends as in for real, you can't really just ask. You'd have to actually talk to me instead of just asking..