20 / Female / Straight / In Love
N/A – CA
Since people don't seem to understand this.

I am Happily in a relationship. If you are adding me or messaging me just to try and get with me, move along hun.

With that out of the way, Hi there! My name is Vanessa but feel free to call me Essa!

I'm not very good at "About Me's" So honestly, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will answer most anything.

I will not give you my skype or face book or go to any links. I will not send you pictures threw my DM's. I post what I'm okay with publicly. If I wouldn't post it publicly, I wont send it to you in privet.

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Anonymous asked

I approve of your nipples!
aww thank you <3 I approve yours too!!

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happy birthday