18 / Female / Bi-curious / Single and Not Looking
My names Vanessa, Nice to meet you. uh, I'm not really too good at bios so let me just give you some info about me I guess. ❤

❤❤❤❤❤❤My Info❤❤❤❤❤❤
❤Name: Vanessa
❤Age: 16
❤Gender: Female
❤S/O: Mostly straight
❤R/S: Single af.
❤Height: 5'4 or 5'3 idk
❤Weight: 200+ lbs. ( I'm trying to loss weight. )
❤Eye color: Hazel/Green
❤Hair: Brownish, redish ( I died it purple and now its faded )
❤Animals ( all kinds )
❤Video games
❤Cute things
❤Voice Acting
❤Abuse towards people.
❤Abuse towards animals.
❤Rude people.
❤People touching me out of nowhere.
❤People I don't know hugging me.
❤People who think one sex is superior over the other.
❤People calling me an Otaku just cause I am into anime and drawing. LEARN WHAT OTAKU REALLY MEANS.
❤Attention hos.

❤❤❤If you have anything else you want to know please feel free to message me or comment❤❤❤

❤I do roleplay❤

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I am not in a good mood omfg.