23 / Female / Bi-curious / Single and Looking
is finding a babe for Pxstelkitten
Kawaii Island – UK
♰Sick guitar solos
♰Taco Bell
☾ introvert queen
☾ love metal
☾ hard rock is my bedroom music
☼ cuddle me
☼ call me a forest fairy
☼ make me tacos
☼ Horror movies are better than comedy
☆ witch craft is good
☆ "Hell-for-leather" is a term I use often
☆ Cats
☆ Our dark lord <3

♰♰Scarred and aℒone, waiting for your kiss to take me back home. Hoℒd me, ℒike you heℒd onto ℒife when aℒℒ fears came aℒive, and entombed me. ℒove me ℒike you ℒove the sun scorching the bℒood in my vampire heart

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