24 / Female / Straight / In a Relationship
Hartford City – US
I'm 24 my name is Sierra, but I go by Si (Sy), I identify as an Elf/Nature Nymph hybrid, I'm a geeky nerd, emo, punk, Goth, rebel, gamer, I'm a vegetarian but I still eat certain meat, and I'm loyal in a relationship, I have Kik, Snapchat, and Telegram X, I like all kinds of mythology, I'm a Sanguinarian, I'm vary shy ,I have no self confidence or self esteem, I'm very self conscious, I love to sing just not around people I don't know unless I have my ear phones in, if anyone wants to know more about me let me know.

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If anyone wants to talk its easier on Kik, Telegram X, or Snapchat because I'm not really on here much, if anyone does wanna talk on any of those message me.