22 / Female / Demisexual / In a Relationship
hello u an Kayla and I have a boyfriend who I love. i love meeting new people and talking. i love to read and text and write stories poems and songs. i love music its one thing that can always make me happy besides play with my kitten. i am out of high school and i am a writter they to find a new muse to write about or to bouce ideas off of. i tend to go on and off even if it does say i am always on any ways just text me i am just a girl who wants friends so please nothing more 270 227 7949 text me or dont all up to you anyways that all i have to say. any questions just ask and my kik is kittyksy and if you want my skype ask

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I heart attack my bf every chance i get but i know he loves it and loves me

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mylittlepony23 asked

what state are u in
Kentucky for now

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