22 / Female / Forever Alone
Ponyville, Equestria – US
✞ Hai my name is Nousheen ✞

17 / Undecided / Single

My name is weird.
Seventeen sweetly awkward years of age, junior in high school. Perpetually bored in some manner.
I wholeheartedly, or perhaps just 3/4’s heartedly believed I was going to be something special in life. But now my aim is just above the average of the generally dull population.
I wish to be attractive, more than anything, and successful if possible.
Things I like
unicorns - mermaids - fairies - kittens - pastel - goth - alternative - acid - psychedelic - Sailor Moon - Disney Princesses - Satan
Unicorns are my spirit animal, a violent one at that. I enjoy creeping people out by saying I worship Satan. I have some weird “violet” colored hair, but I’d rather say purple hair, septum and nose pierced, and used to have my ears gauged to 2g.
Bit of a hybristophile, but don’t judge me too hard.
Feel free to ask anything else

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I'm actually a bit more entertained just reading random profiles on here than actually interacting with people.