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Having a cat dance part in Norway Lady.Pauliester
サンタモニカ, カリフォルニア – US
I dont sleep much at night. Due to the fact that I sacrifice puppies and lost local teens at night that go to my school and drink their blood from a chalice which I hold in my sacrificial alter. I have a pretty f***ed up sense of humor so yeah please do not be offended. If I do offend you in some way I am sorry... NOT!!! I actually love animals by the way, but yeah I'm not even scene. Im a metalhead. Now some people may say "oh no its an elitist asshole metalhead! " that's where people are wrong... sort of. I do have some similar musical tastes to some people here and I am here to find open minded people unlike the people around me. So yeah scenes and emos are really open minded so yeah. I'd love to befriend you guys. Now enough with the labels. We are all humans... well maybe... maybe I'm a hamster... well you won't know until you talk to me. So add me and talk to me. I'd be happy to talk.

PS: I play Super Smash Bros Melee and Project M competitively. So yeah its my all time favorite game. I don't play many games outside of nintendo systems. I also love fire emblem, kirby, the legend of zelda, pokemon, and a bunch more. If you took the time to read all of this, thank you and have a wonderful day. Jk I'll rek u m8 I swer on me mum. Haha nah I'm kidding about that part.

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my back round is now Marth. you've all been marfed.

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