16 / Female / Single
hey, i'm lex! i'm 16 so don't be //too// much of a weirdo ^^

instagram: lexx.xrh
discord: Hallucinate#2496
( i may not get on too often, so contact me through those if i go mia !)

i love everyone until they give me a reason not to, so message me and see where things can go!

tell me your favorite life story, your favorite songs, and where you wanna go right now! ♡

** things to talk about with me:
- dark, dark memes
- offensive s***
- video games ( xbox/pc>>>> )
- tame impala
- mac demarco
- girlinred
- neck deep
- front porch step
- arctic monkeys
- calpurnia
- ferrets ( i have one! )
- anime
- old movies
- sushi
- lil peep
- your interests!

** things i HATE:
- liars
- those who feel obligated to talk to me/help me out
- pervs
- snowflakes

i get attached very quick ,, don't talk to me if you aren't prepared

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Courier6 posted a status update: While every1 is busy killing the fbi men at area 51 ima be clapping alien cheeks in the custodian closet //

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d.lucius asked

Front Porch Step is absolutely f***ing amazing, good taste
ur not wrong!!! fav song is run away :))