22 / Female / Straight / Single
Miller SD – US
There is a lot about me.

My name is Brittlyn. My birth-date is April 26, 1995. I have a older sister she 23 and a older brother 28 and a little brother 17. I move out from my moms house to my grandparents house to help them out. I work as a maid at a motel. I'm out of school for right now. My hobbies are hunting, video games, parting, cooking, football, writing, and hanging. I like being around people and animals. I like to party with people even my cousin Stetson. I like email people as well. Love with Basketball, cheer-leading, Dancing, Volleyball, Baseball, and Soccer. My music is Country and Pop. I like art and music. I love be around my family. I love making friends. I like to be around my friends, outside, painting, clothes, and makeup. I play the drums and the guitar. I am fun, shy, outgoing, sassy, trusting, caring, happy and loving. I am a tomboy. My fav food is pizza and bananas. I love bubble baths. I am loud when u get know me. I loves animals. I do draw a lot. Love horror movies. I am really smart for my self.

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I had a s***ty day this morning.