22 / Female / Bisexual / Engaged
Lees summit MO – US
im freaking crazy don't knock it till you try it bro! ive been in alot of bad things just been dealt the wrong deck of cards i guess, you know that feeling right well im back on here to get my scream on and terrorize the public and steal innocence from the young and enforce anachary! If you hate me that your problem not mine so your loss, and im happily inlove wtih the prettiest girl this side of the earth because she loves me wit hevery fiber in her body and i feel the same about her shes just nothing short of amazing, and her body, i cant begin to describe that but yea theres gonna be alot of pictures of us together and if you dont like that bisexual lovers stuff you can easily click the [X] up there at the top so suck a duck!!! hahaha so come on get to know me!!! ill be posting pics as much as possible and idgaf what you think of how i look i dont have to walk next you in walmart so dont get your panties in a d*** wad

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so im in school like not caring!