18 / Male / Gay / Single
North Texas – US
ummmmm... let's see. First of all my name's Trey and I just turned 17 last month. yeeeeeeeeaaaaaa!!! Only one more year of incarceration. haha... I like kayaking, tubing, wakeboarding and I also love school. yea I know that makes me a dork but hey I like to learn new things.

Anyways, I'm definitely gay. I've known that for a while and I feel comfortable with being gay. In fact, I couldn't imagine myself anything other then gay. I guess that's because I like guys and so far guys seem to like me back. Most just as friends but a few in a more romantic way, which was very nice. : )

I'm from Texas and have lived here all of my life. Not all Texans are friendly with gays but some are trying. Cept for a lot of those swine who run Texas in Austin. When are people going to wise up and vote them out? I guess nit until people like me can vote and vote them out.

As for why I'm on this site, well it's to make friends maybe a romance and definitely to have fun.

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Been visiting the grandparents in Galveston with my lil bro the last 3 days. Had fun at the beach with them. I sooooooo luv Galveston