21 / Female / Pansexual / Single
mac-n-cheese buddies with Krilitane
Wonderland – UK
Redoing this bc I have changed a lot since I have joined SK

Ok to start out Hi my name is Skyler
but I go by Sky. My name is Sky not "Sexy, Babe, Or can we f***?"
I'm British 5,3 brown hair (atm)
brown eyes (they change often)
Yes I am Pan-Sexual
I am single be cause of life rn
~Tattoos (shhh)

NintendosFinestNerd happy faced cutie cx
XxTheunbroken66xX Forever Pizza xD
HereForMeytal Omg Haiii
Aliens Le Squishy ish mine <---- Bitch
ZombiiBrand You're an angel with an extra halo.
Cocaine We love Panda Express.
DEADPOOLXD Is my Vodka buddie.
Proletariat Logic xD
I.Dont.Care.Anymore <-- my kitty cat bae
LOLATU Don't push him off a building. he's qt
VerbLeNoun I'm looking at you o.o
CharlieDollie yew is qt.
Berry Potato
ThugLyfe Bow Down to him.
Alexandurrr Pizza
dinotato Dinosaur Potato
MegsMinions Hey grl you are my king
CaptainTyler Proud German
Sky2399 Ily sis
theoutcast14 qt
CollideBetweenMyLegs 12/10
LifeScreams sleepy
Katty1003 ur pretty
Pariahs u r bae 4eva

You my bae im protective about bae 😍 Hurt bae and I kill 😈
From Pariahs
This girl right here is amazing dont f*** with her or I'll hurt you. :)
-Bree aka Pl4stati0n

Since your here and stalking me you may as well add me.
Message me I want to know you... mabey... ok not really but do it anyway!

You read all that you may have a cookie.

tytyty for always being my friend Tannor !!!

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awkwardboner asked

Tbh~ Please love me you're perfection <33

I do love you Jadee!!!!!!


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Thanks for accepting me :)


well hai


nice name cx.


the name tragic mistake doesn't work for you.


Happy Valentines Day!


Favourite kids movie?


Sweet, I'm in Nokomis.


What part of FL?