22 / Male / Gay / Forever Alone
my own personal hell :< – US
ohai everywun didnt see you there o3o
things you probly dont want to know about me but that im going to list anyways!!!!!:
~ slightly dorky
~ into the best music
~ can play the bass like beastmodeee
~ can play the drums like an octapus
~ is secretly actually an octopus õ.Õ
~ just kidding im an otter
~ plays league of legends, just ask for my summy name~
~ if its weird and teenagey and angsty i probly will like it. :D
sooooo slap me with a message anytiem!
ill respond as soon as im awake long enough to read it!;Dlololz

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can i accidentally fall over onto a rusty pike on purpose?

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