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Hai, I'm Kalista, I'm 18. I have a daughter, Casdeya Violet, and a baby girl due June 10, 2018. 19 weeks today (1/7/18). Currently trying to complete the last semester of my senior year and getting a head start on my nursing career. Future Neonatal Nurse.....after completing a lifetime of schooling and training. If you want to know anything else just message.

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19 weeks & 6 days. Baby girl is about the size of a banana. She's 10.2 ounces and 6.5 inches long. I look like a f***ing whale right now!

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crimmsonnpride asked

No you told me bye meaning were going to block me
Because I have issues trusting people and when you made it obvious that your a f***ing liar, clearly I'm gonna leave.