21 / Male / Bi-curious / In a Relationship
Québec – CA
I decided to give this site a go.
I don't know what to write though.

Romanian.Sucubus is one of my really great friends on here, she's an amazing and very nice person :)

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I have a migraine from hell

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RockMySocks49 asked

ALLES GUT ZUM GEBURTSTAG! BON ANNIVERSARE! GRATTIS PÅ FÖDELSEDAGEN ! Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám! с днем ​​рождения! :) I hope you have a good party :)
Danke! :)

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Dude I miss talking to you


There's 26 letters in da alphabet so I was gonna say "Oh silly me, how could I have forgotten u r a q t" and then you'd he all like "fool that's still only 5 letters" then id be all like "oh d***'ll get that d later" then wink and stuff :)


Sugar you remind me of the 20 letters of the alphabet :)


I'm good Hby? :)
I like your hat :3


Hi ^-^