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I love gir so much. And anime,hello kitty and Pokemon. I also love bvb brokencyde evanscene my chemical romance sleeping with sirens blood on the dance floor falling in reverse pierce the veil asking Alexandra of mice and men paramore panic! at the disco green day and so much music except country.....ewe. I hate math country music so much one direction and especially posers. I'm scared of weird things like ketchup and my 4th grade teacher........and I'm pretty sure she's the devil. I say what ever is on my mind literally. :) :p #rawr. I love the nightmare before much I have collectors edition. I love hot topic. Scene rules is my roommate and she's awesome.domo is in my closet hiding........JK........or am I. I'm really weird. Has any one heard of marshmallow waffles their real no joke dont believe ask scene rules. I stuffed a burrito in my friend toilet.....he was thrilled. I fill socks with crayons. My grandma hates hot topic and candy bracelets so not plur. I love scary movies my fav is insidious chapter 2. I love hello kitty:). Pegasisters unite.
ADD SCENERULES(my roommate) AS A FRIEND. She's sooooooo awesome

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2 words NOT COOL

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lonely.lanie asked

y do u bother me!?
I don't no

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Ur hair is amazing :D


Have a wonderful new year! ♥


: )