25 / Male / Straight / Single
Lakewood, Ohio – US
Firstly, I'm a musician. I enjoy singing a lot, but I dabble with guitar, drums, and keys (and I emphasize "dabble"). If you want to hear my last band, here's a link to our page. There's also a music video if you scroll down.

Secondly, I enjoy heavy music more in the -core genres like Asking Alexandria, Memphis May Fire, Woe, is Me, Prada, Suicide Silence, and all that.

I'm also into really nerdy stuff like anime, trading card games, and video games.

I write stories, so there's a little fun fact about mois.

I'm a pretty nice and friendly guy and would love to make new friends who I can relate to, so please hit me up.

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People suck. Fo sho.